Whatever software application you use, you still may need to connect with other applications and legacy data stores. But the costs and effort of developing a permanent link can be disproportionate, while hand-coded solutions initially look attractive but don’t provide a viable long-term solution.

Often there’s an ongoing maintenance burden that distracts your team from the critical job at hand – implementing and maintaining your applications – and instead involves them in endlessly rebuilding broken data bridges. Change is also a factor as business processes are redesigned, priorities changed and new data sources need to be added.

We have an approach that is flexible, cost efficient and easy to maintain. Based on our extensive experience and our Transformation Manager data migration software, our consultants deliver robust and rapid application integration. We offer a flexible service that provides everything from bespoke data connectors to full data integration consultancy.

Our software can be adapted to your needs by our consultants, and then used by your team to connect applications on an on-going basis. Alternatively, our consultants can use their best practice experience to implement an integration in as little as ten business days.