ETL software that’s proven in the most challenging projects

The explosive growth of information in the last few years has led to a proliferation of databases in most organisations. The goal is often to harness this data for better decision making; but this is only possible where a single, coherent view is achieved. To enable this, organisations have been using a process called Extract Transform and Load (ETL).


The challenge is that data lies in disparate systems in many different formats. For instance, ‘Customer’ may be defined in the CRM system but named ‘Account Holder’ in the accounting system. In the past, organisations developed their own hand-coded approach to this problem, but this has proven to be an inefficient use of resources. As the source data file formats and the validation rules applying to the data evolves, the ETL code has to be modified and maintained. Lack of scalability has become a serious issue with home-grown ETL software.

Our Transformation Manager software uses ETL to enable organisations to move data from multiple sources far more efficiently and in a scalable way. The key to the longevity of our software is the ability to easily and quickly update the source data mappings and new systems inputs. In addition to providing off-the-shelf software, we deliver ETL as a service. Whether it is a one-time activity or on-going, our expertise and our Transformation Manager software create an efficient personalised solution.The biggest benefit of our ETL software and services is that they enable teams of business users to operate from a single version of the truth. Our clients are using ETL not only for data warehousing and business intelligence activities, but also for moving data from one operational system to another, such as from an ERP system to a CRM application.