Five entertaining blogs about data

Image from Flowing DataLet’s face it, making data entertaining is not always easy.  And making data sing is even harder.  But there are some great bloggers who constantly make data and statistics highly engaging.  Leaving aside today the highly serious blogs on data nitty-gritty, here is a selection of blogs chosen for their useful information, entertainment value and fresh perspective.   Perfect for dipping into at lunchtime (just try not to drop crumbs into your keyboard).


Data Pointed

A marriage of art and science, Stephen Von Worley's data visualisation blog presents random information in an interesting, engaging and visual way.   As the blog states, it is “a place where you can spend a few minutes, have a laugh or two, and discover something new.”


The OCDQ Blog

Jim Harris thoughtfully and amusingly analyses trends in the data world.  He gets top marks for being the only person we know to discuss data via the medium of song lyrics.



A random, but consistently interesting, collection of data maps and visualisations.  From the potentially useful (why cable TV doesn’t pay) to the literary (character relationships in Homer’s Iliad) right through to the bizarre (the demographics of texting on the toilet), this blog is always entertaining.   The image at the top of this page is taken from a post on the geographic coverage of Wikipedia.


The Endeavor

Ranging from data to programming to stuff about space, John D Cook’s blog combines original, insightful posts with carefully curated content from elsewhere.  To pick just one of many topics, find out why the iPad is really a hip flask.


The Guardian Data Blog

Politics and popular culture combine in this frequently updated blog from UK newspaper  The Guardian.  Not just interesting snippets of information, the blog often provides access to the statistics behind the posts.


Coming soon...our round-ups of technical data and data migration blogs.  In the meantime, tell us which blogs you enjoy.