No-one operates in a vacuum, so it is critical that data flows in a frictionless way around any business network

Most businesses have a network of consumers, suppliers and partners and often need to collaborate with them by sharing information. But this is difficult because different software applications are used, and this means systems just do not easily ‘talk’ to each other.

You really need a way to access information and convert it into a common format for effective decision making. And when the network is big, the problem is even harder to solve.


Managing this diversity of data from multiple sources is what we do best

Based on our lengthy experience of data integration, we developed DataHub. The DataHub software can be used in any industry where there is a need to aggregate data across a dispersed network into a single, common format. For instance, it is being used in the automotive industry by Honda to manage its dealer network.We help our clients get the maximum benefit from their data.