Have a commercial project? Explore how our services can reduce cost and mitigate risk.

Our consultancy team has more than a decade’s experience of successfully moving data. We use our proven software and methodology to deliver robust and effective migration and integration projects.

Our consultation service is designed for businesses with planned or on-going data movement activities. Scheduling an online discussion (via a conference call, our webinar software or Skype) will provide you with the opportunity to find out more in an impartial environment. The discussion can include:

  • An overview of the service most relevant to your project
  • An objective assessment of how we might deliver value
  • The opportunity to get to know the people who will manage your project if you decide to commission our services.

The session will be led by a senior consultant, and can be as quick or as lengthy as you need. At the end of the discussion, you will have a detailed understanding of our data movement software and services, along with their fit with your requirements.

If your organisation has a project to explore, simply complete the form below to request an online consultation. Your contact details will be kept private at all times. Privacy policy