Unlock the true value of dealership data

Our clients include some of the world’s top manufacturers and automotive service companies. These clients require consistent data from diverse dealership management systems (DMS), all of which handle data in various configurations. And the global nature of the automotive industry means that data often has to be integrated across different markets.

Our expertise lies in extracting data from different systems, even highly challenging ones such as DCSNet, and creating seamless integration of all the different formats. Companies from Honda to Jaguar Land Rover use our integration service to streamline data across complex networks.


Introducing our DataHub service

Businesses like Honda, Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover use our DataHub service because it provides:

  • Low-risk access to software and methodology that have been proven across multiple DMS in multiple countries
  • Confidence that the data is securely transferred, accurate and valid, with processing rules applied to ensure data quality and the formation of a single source of data
  • Fast support by experienced, named consultants who use DataHub day in, day out
  • First class security, with 2048 bit encryption of the data before it is transmitted to the data centre
  • Ease of implementation, with minimal input from dealerships, during project set-up and on-going
  • Format flexibility, with a range of formats such as flat files, CSV, Excel or XML, or a direct feed into a relational database.